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Manny Pemberton arrived as a squeaky-clean teen Pop/R&B artist with his first single “Girls All Over The World” earning the singer 3 Beat 100 Awards and the number 2 music video in New York City on Video City TV. While there was nowhere to go but up from here, the singer was only getting started. Manny was born in Queens, New York and later moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a graduate of Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts. Coming from a family of entertainers from stage, film, and recording, he’s a fourth-generation entertainer and the shining star of this legacy. At the tender age of 11, he was cast to perform as 'young Michael Jackson' in a local production of The Motown Revue under A.C.E Productions and still continues to occasionally perform a re-creation of Michael Jackson's illustrious career.


Opening for world-known band Con-Funkshun as well as other top local bands in Ohio and NYC, Manny's exciting stage show always leaves the crowd wanting more. He has appeared on local news television and was also chosen to sing the National Anthem at The Western Southern Tennis Championship in 2012. Since then he is constantly performing while studying musical theatre in Cincinnati's Lachey Arts.


Currently, Manny is making noise with his hit single “GPS”, a tune that not only demonstrates his unique lyricism, songwriting, and vocal skills but after just one listen, you’re fully immersed in a seamless blend of gushing charisma.

Truly, Manny Pemberton is THE NEW DYNAMIC FORCE in the entertainment industry to be reckoned with!

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