Manny Pemberton

Manny Pemberton arrived as a squeaky-clean teen Pop/R&B artist with his first single “Girls All Over The World” earning the singer 3 Beat 100 Awards and the number 2 music video in New York City on Video City TV. While there was nowhere to go but up from here, the singer was only getting started. Pemberton was born in Queens, New York. From the tender age of 11 he was casted to perform as young Michael Jackson in a local production of The Motown Revue under ACE Productions. Opening for world known band Con-Funkshun at the Sawyer Point Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pemberton has also appeared on local news television and was also chosen to perform the National Anthem at The Western Southern Tennis Championship in 2012. Since then he has continued performing and studying musical theatre in Lachey Arts under the direction of Lea and Drew Lachey, and is also a graduate of The School for Creative and Performing Arts.


The city I want to visit the most is Barcelona.


My favorite artist is Michael Jackson, from his music to his personality on and off stage. Two other artists I also like is Chris Brown and Bruno Mars.


My favorite things to do when I’m not performing is playing soccer or jumping at Skyzone, backflips for days lol.


The best video game to me is FIFA.


If I had to choose between Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, I’d have to say Instagram for sure. It's fun interacting with you guys!

My favorite color is blue.

I’m really shy when I meet a girl.


I like a girl who’s really kind and sweet and doesn’t mind when I’m on the road and meeting my beautiful fans.

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